Monday, April 10, 2017

From Start to Finish - Challenge B

At the start of the year
they were saddled with fear
viewing me with unjustified dread.
Expectations were made
few rules had been laid.
Curiosity soon to be fed.

Many challenges came
but who is to blame
if the math laws are hard to apply?
This strand is intense
not the favorite I sense
but painless when given a try.

Then the ps and the qs...
all the Logic we muse.
Our brains now and then do get sore.
Formal proofs every day
use our brains every way
building strong minds down deep to the core.

We read books and did write
persuasive works left and right
letting Lost Tools of Writing take lead.
Short stories were read.
They went straight to our head
creativity flowing full speed.

Latin verbs and the such
sometimes are too much
but the students work hard at this strand.
We're good with declensions.
Did I happen to mention
that terra translates into land?

Kepler, Newton, and Morse
and there's Einstein, of course.
And others whose work is the base
of things scientific
we think they're terrific
deducing the facts of each case.

Science Fair came and went.
Every minute well spent.
We wish Francis Bacon had known.
Chemistry now at last
learning which bonds hold fast—
Hydrogen's unhappy alone.

We debated the news
Was it fake? Who'd accuse?
Creating the tools for Mock Trial.
Yes, we're ready to go
judge and jury and so...
Will CJ or Sam get to smile?

This finish is the start
of great things, they'll impart
pursuing their paths with no fear.
As parents, you'll nourish
these students who flourish.
I'll treasure my thoughts of this year.



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